Beauty everywhere. Metal, paint, wood, paper.

 My work combines paint, pencil, metal, wood, paper, fabric, and found objects. The pieces are my response to what I see everywhere, every day. I can't just walk down the street, I have to look at the colors of the buildings, the massing of their parts, and the shapes of trees. I look down from an airplane window at the lines of fields and rivers, or at the patterns in a bricked-over window, or at bulging clouds in the sky. I collect details.
Artists whose work speaks to me include Robert Rauschenberg for unexpected combinations of painting and found objects, Robert Motherwell for boldness of composition and scale, Mark Rothko for glowing color, Richard Diebenkorn for color and line, Helen Frankenthaler for experimentation with paint, Franz Kline for black and white paintings that do karate on the wall, Louise Nevelson for composition and use of wood…and the list could go on.